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All crowdfunding projects must support the Mission of Fort Lewis College and have specific goals driven by tangible accomplishments (such as, purchasing equipment, funding research, or providing workshop opportunities). Projects without a specific goal may not qualify for Fort Lewis College crowdfunding. 

Questions about FLC Crowdfunding? Email Elizabeth Bussian.

How to Apply:

  1. Email FLC's Crowdfunding Team that you plan to submit this application.
  2. Review FLC's Official Crowdfunding Policy.
  3. Fill out and submit our Crowdfunding Application (begins below). 
  4. If you can't complete this application in one session, hit "Submit" and select "Need More Time" to save your application and receive an email with a link to return and continue editing later. 

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Tell us about your project

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How will your crowdfunding project support the Mission of Fort Lewis College?*

How much do you think you can raise with crowdfunding in 30-45 days?*

What is your project timeline?*

If you reach your fundraising goal, how exactly will you spend your funds?*

Who are your Team Leaders (1-2) and Project Team Members (4-5)*

Have you ever fundraised or crowdfunded before? If so, how did it go? Optional

Are you comfortable asking others for donations?*

Would you be willing to ask your friends and family for donations?*

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You may be required to submit a full list of potential donors before project launch.
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