Getting Started

FLC students, faculty, and staff may use our crowdfunding platform, Impact, to raise funds for project needs that support FLC and are in alignment with the College’s mission. For further information, see the Crowdfunding Policy.


Ingredients for great crowdfunding

Crowdfunding at FLC is a team effort that YOU lead and manage. For a successful project you’ll need:

- A project team to spread the word (make the ask)

- A team leader / point person (probably you)

- Approved gift fund number

- Departmental sign-off

- Project description and image

- Family & community to receive your pitch


Getting Started

Start 1-2 months in advance of your launch date. Here’s your step-by-step guide to get off the ground:

- Contact the FLC Advancement Office’s Director of Annual Giving, Elizabeth Bussian, to discuss your project needs, timeframe and confirm a fund number.

- Get approval from your department for the project goal and amount. The amount should be based on what you think you can raise, not what you want to raise! Keep in mind that each email you send out typically averages a $4 donation. You will want to send out emails, make calls, text and use all social media channels available to your team. You are in charge of the entire effort.

- Check out Impact to see what FLC projects look like.

- Submit an application

- Email that you have submitted an application. Elizabeth will activate the system so you can set up your project.

- Get your team ready. You will need people to create a 1-minute informal video, upload content to the site and make the ask. This is a group effort that YOU manage. 

- Ideas – Check out other sites for ideas:

UCLA Spark

UCSB GauchoBoost

Launch UMD



Start early, crowdfunding takes time.

- Planning begins 1-2 months prior to launch for the most successful projects.

- Your launch date is the date you want to start taking donations. Most projects run 30-45 days from the launch date.

- If you have an event associated with your crowdfunding, it’s best to start promoting your site ahead of the event so there is some momentum going into the event.

- Finish your project at a time when you can thank everybody and show results.

- Oftentimes, donors receive small gifts for their contributions. This is not required, but can be helpful. If you choose to offer gifts, make sure to factor that into your budgeting and team member roles.

- We recommend starting off the project with a contribution from the team, as it initiates some momentum and demonstrates belief in the project.


The Team

Crowdfunding is inherently collaborative. Teams vary in structure but some key roles include:

- FLC Advancement – We are here to give guidance as you work on the project. We can help you brainstorm lists of people to contact, help you with a realistic goal and help you plan timing for your project. We can help you along the way as questions come up.

- Video Producer – Create a non-professional 30-60 second video on what you are raising money for and the value of giving to this project. This can be done with your cell phone. Be creative and have fun with this. This will be the first thing people see when they look at your project description.

- Story Teller(s) – Those who can write the description of the project and create content for emails and social media to get the message out to your audience.

- Thank you Writer – Thank all your donors in writing.

- Lead Donors – Those who will provide initial gifts to get the momentum going and those who will match gifts to increase the impact of giving.


Key Dates

After you have organized your team, determined goals, built the site and compiled lists of people to contact, you are ready for launch.

Week 1

- Complete setup of the site, prepare your ASK assets including the URL and request Advancement to review and activate your site. After that your crowdfunding project is officially live!

- Post a project update on the site.

- Ask! - Send emails, make calls, text and post to social media.

Week 2

- Post 2nd project update.

- Ask! - Send emails, make calls, text and post to social media.

Week 3

- Post 3rd project update.

- Ask! - Send emails, make calls, text and post to social media.

Week 4

- Post 4th project update.

- Ask! - Send emails, make calls, text and post to social media.

Contact FLC marketing to boost your social presence. Make sure your team has specific call, email and text lists to send out to multiple times.


After the Project

The closing date on your crowdfunding project can feel like the end of the project, but in reality, there are a few more steps to wrap it up, and to keep the door open to future fundraising projects.

- Add any gifts received offline or through channels other than your Impact project.

- Send final update and thank you message.

- Send hand written or signed thank you letters to every donor.

- Send out thank you gifts to contributors if they were a part of your project.

- Send 3, 6, and 9-month updates to your donors to inform them and keep the momentum going for future asks.

We hope your crowdfunding project is a success so that students, faculty and staff can continue to make a difference in Durango, the Four Corners, and beyond.

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